The Facilities

The outdoor agility ring is fenced and measures 140’ x 130’ with a grass surface.

The Indoor Training Building is closed for the season.


RATES Outdoor Agility Ring

ALL FEES ARE BASED ON 1-3 HANDLERS AT ONE TIME. Please enquire for more than 3 handlers.

1 Person for 1 hour                                   $22

2 People for 1 hour                                   $33

3 People for 1 hour                                   $45

More than 3 People                   Please Enquire



                                      1 Person                                 2 People                                         3 People

10 Bookings         $160.00 (16.00/hr.)                $270.00 ($27.00/hr.)                        $390.00 ($39.00/hr.)

15 Bookings         $210.00 (14.00/hr.)                $375.00 ($25.00/hr.)                        $540.00 ($36.00/hr.)

20 Bookings         $260.00 ($13.00/hr.)              $460.00 ($23.00/hr.)                        $660.00 ($33.00/hr.)

*** Outdoor Packages do not carry over to the following year. Closing of the field is weather dependent. ***



  1. A better price – Even better if you team up with one or two other handlers!
  2. You can set a day and time for the entire season – but with the flexibility to change it.
  3. By making a commitment, you’ll have increased incentive to train and practice regularly. Your dog will thank you!
  4. Easy payment plans are available for most of the packages.



  1. Payments are due in advance
  2. Package Deals can be paid in installments. First payment is due in advance. Remaining payments are due by the final day of each subsequent month.
  3. Outdoor Packages expire when the outdoor ring is closed at the end of the season. Any unused bookings will be forfeited after that date
  4. e-Transfers preferred. Send to  Cash and cheques also accepted. Payments may be left in the mailbox neasr the ring.
  5. If you are purchasing a Package Deal and would like each booking at the same day and time, please let us know. Please Note: We retain the right to change a booking for trials, seminars and other special events.
  6. You may book up to 2 weeks in advance.
  7. Your Booking includes any time you require for set-up and/or clean-up
  8. Lessons or clinics may not be conducted without prior approval.

How to Request a Booking

ALL BOOKINGS MUST BE SCHEDULED AND APPROVED IN ADVANCE. To be sure the building is available, please reserve your date and time beforehand. There may be prior bookings or we may have other events going on. Your booking is not confirmed until you here from us!

The best way to request a time is through our website  You may also contact me through Facebook Messenger or by Email at . BOOKING REQUESTS ARE NOT SCHEDULED UNTIL WE SEND YOU A CONFIRMATION EMAIL.



Coming from Kingston? Hwy 38 / Gardiners Road: We are approximately 15 minutes from Hwy 401. Follow 38 north and turn left at Yarker Road. Take first Left onto Henderson Road. Take first left onto Florida Road. We are approximately 5 minutes down Florida Rd. Our property is on the left side at 4445 Florida Rd.

Coming from Hwy 401? Exit 599 County Rd 6 / Wilton Road: We are less than 10 minutes from Hwy 401. Follow County Rd 6 north to the flashing light at Simmons Rd. Turn Right. Proceed through the village of Wilton. Continue along Simmons Road. It ends at Florida Road. Turn Right. Our property is on the right side at 4445 Florida Road.



Dog Safety

THE SAFETY of dogs is our primary concern. By using the equipment, participants acknowledge that they are familiar with the sport of Dog Agility, and that their dogs are familiar with and able to perform all obstacles safely. The outdoor ring is fenced (4-feet high), but it will not contain a dog determined to escape. We assume no liability.


Use of the Property

You are welcome to walk your dog(s) before and after your practice session. However, we assume no liability. There are ticks. At times there are coyotes, deer and other wildlife nearby. Please be considerate of others using the agility field.


DRIVING ON AREA ROADS Please use caution when driving in the area. Roads are gravel and there are some tight curves. Animals are often on the roadways. As well as wild animals, there can be cattle and horses. Drive very slowly on our driveway. For much of the spring/summer we have young Kildeer roaming about and they blend in to the gravel.


PARKING There is a gravel parking area near the training building. We assume no liability for damage to your vehicle; nor will we pay any towing fees.


PORTA-POTTY There are no washrooms (or running water). A Porta-Potty is provided for your use.


USE OF EQUIPMENT Feel free to move jumps and tunnels to suit your practice session. Please do not move the Dogwalk or A-Frame. The teeter may be moved if there are two or more people assisting. PLEASE REPORT ANY DAMAGED OR FAULTY EQUIPMENT. Again, do not to move the contact equipment. We assume no liability for any injuries incurred while you are moving equipment.


LESSONS Instructional classes, lessons (group or private), clinics or seminars are NOT PERMITTED without prior approval.


EVENTS Trials, fun matches, or similar events are NOT PERMITTED without prior approval.


CLEAN UP There are garbage cans for poop bags. Please try to avoid accidents in the ring. If they do occur, there is a spray bottle to be used for clean-up. Please do not litter and please take any garbage with you when you leave.


WATER Please bring water for yourself and your dog. Water is not available on site.


SHADE The agility ring is situated in an open field. Please bring sun/cooling protection for yourself and your dog.


NO SMOKING is allowed on the property.


NON-PARTICIPANTS You are allowed to bring friends, family members, and/or other dogs to your training session (subject to the conditions outlined in the Waiver you sign). Your guests are not allowed to handle a dog in the ring without prior permission and payment of any required additional fees. You or your guest(s) are not allowed to handle their dogs unless the dog is familiar with the equipment and we have granted approval for the dog prior to your scheduled booking.


BEHAIVIOR WHILE ON THE PROPERTY Humane and positive training only is to be practiced at all times. No shock collars, choke or prong collars, no hitting, pinching, or other abusive practices, no throwing objects at dogs. No harsh or inhumane treatment will be tolerated on the property. Dangerous or inappropriate activities are prohibited. Aggressive, unpredictable, or uncontrollable dogs will be dismissed from the property without refund of the booking fee, and future bookings will be denied. Determination of unacceptable behavior is in the sole opinion of the owners of the property.