August 24-26, 2018

Kathleen Oswald

Your Opportunity to Improve Your Handling Skills

Kathleen Oswald, past and current member of the US World Agility Team, and Gold & Silver Medalist is coming to Big Sky!

Take a look at the exciting topics we're offering. There's something for every level. Puppies, dogs starting out, or those with years of experience. Novice handlers, Masters handlers, and everything in between. All will benefit from Kathleen's experience, enthusiasm, and teaching approach!

About Kathleen

β€œIn my eighteen years in dog agility, I have found a love for training dogs, teaching handlers and pushing myself in this sport. I firmly believe that every team is capable of reaching their full potential, and I challenge my students to improve in a multitude of ways. Not only do I want my students to find success, but I want them to truly master the tools and knowledge I present. With this in mind, I emphasize understanding in my teaching. The 'why' is just as, if not more, important than the 'how' of training and handling. I push my students to think for themselves, so they are able to apply the skills we've built.

I am a Graduate Student at Ithaca College in New York working towards my Masters of Science in Exercise Science with a specialization in Sports Psychology. I have wonderful dogs, and they have each played a part in the cultivation of my growth. We are hiking addicts and I'm a health nut. I have recently submerged myself in OCR, obstacle course racing, and ultra-marathon running. The firsts, the highs, the lessons are all so fresh and exciting. In life I want to grow and push my environment to evolve as well. If you would like to know about my agility accomplishments, take a look below at my dogs. They are the true champions of this sport, I'm just along for the ride.”


2017 AWC Silver Agility Team Medal - Whimzy

2014-2018 AKC World Team Member - Whimzy

2014 AWC Gold Medalist Team Member - Whimzy

2014 AWC Silver Agility Team Medal - Whimzy

2015-2017 EO Team Member - Whimzy

2015-2016 EO Individual Finalist – Whimzy

2014 PACH with Nikki

2014 AKC National 20"P Finalist and second place - Nikki

2013 EO Individual Finalist - Jenna

2012-2013 EO Team Member - Jenna

2013 AKC Nationals 12” Finalist - Jenna


Foundations Workshop

The foundation of handling in agility begins with flatwork; a training tool that allows us to teach our dogs how to read our body language and cues before stepping on course! This seminar will use only wings and tunnels to cover the basics of agility handling: distance, follow the hand skills, front crosses and rear crosses. Perfect for puppies, young dogs or new handlers that want to start their agility journey on the right foot! Optimize your dog training to optimize the results in your dog sport.

start line

Start Strong - The Lead Out Workshop

Ever wondered how to set the best line from the very start of the course, or feel unsure about where to even begin your handling plan? Lead outs are one of the most valuable tools you can use to start a course off right, and they open up so many possibilities for your handling. But first, you need to know how to use lead outs effectively. Using games and short sequences, Kathleen will help you strengthen your start line stay, set better lines, get more distance and master a variety of lead out challenges.

*Starters Level and up, sequences stay between 4-5 obstacles


Crosses: Where, When, and Why

Looking to understand crosses better than ever? This half day seminar will teach you the placement, execution and reasoning behind front crosses, rear crosses and blind crosses. Using visual aids, discussions and short sequences, Kathleen will give you the tools you need to apply crosses on every course you encounter.

*Starters Level and up, sequences stay between 5-8 obstacles


Mastering the Front Cross

Looking to take your front cross skills to the next level? Come learn the ins and outs of front crosses in this workshop emphasizing the placement, execution, and timing of front crosses. Kathleen will explain it all, from the basics to how to apply specialty front crosses like the blended front cross, off-set front cross and forced front cross!

*Masters Level

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