September 30, 2023 AAC Trial Entry Form

Opening Date: August 29th at 8AM, Closing Date: September 17th

Please see the premium for full details and waivers.  A copy of this entry form will be sent to the email provided.

If you have trialed with us previously, you only need to complete the items marked with * (Unless there are changes).

The ID card needs to be photographed or scanned in its unfolded state to be able to show both ID information and height information at the same time.
If entering Team Relay, please indicate your Team Partner (dog and handler) or Draw
Events Entered by Closing Date (@ $20/Run), Events Entered after Closing Date (@ $22/Run), FEO Events Entered (@ $14/Run), Junior Handler Events Entered (@ $14/Run), Team Relay Events Entered (@ $14/Run)
e-Transfers can be sent for individual or multiple entries.
A limited number of dry camping spots are available (no water or electricity available).